Magnolia State Peace Officers Association of Louisiana
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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting the website of Magnolia State Peace Officers Association of Louisiana. The MSPOA's goal is to improve the effectiveness of and to provide support for professional law enforcement in Louisiana. We have members that range from Louisiana State Police, City Police, Sherriff Departments, Louisiana Probation and Parole, City Marshall Officers, Detention Officers and other sworn Law Enforcement Officers. MSPOA is an association firmly rooted in tradition, ceremony, and collegiality among agencies of law enforcement across the state.

We also provide state of the art training conferences, instruction, and education in the most current law enforcement related state and federal legislation.  My goal as President of Magnolia State Peace Officers Association of Louisiana is to grow the organization and build community ties. The objective of this association is the coalition of social and professional purposes, and to promote communication between law enforcement and community throughout the state.
May God Bless you, the great state of Louisiana and our Law Enforcement Family.


Morris Evans Jr.

President Magnolia State Peace Officers Association of Louisiana


Magnolia State Peace Officers Association of La., Inc. was founded in 1956. The organization was established to train, organize and provide professional leadership among our law enforcement professionals. The Magnolia State Peace Officers Association's goal is to mend torn relationships between the community and local, state, and federal agencies. It is imperative we set good examples for our young citizens to emulate as they become the future of the community and eventually tomorrow’s law enforcement leaders.

The organization’s integrity was built upon the backs of our forefathers of law enforcement and the struggles they endured. These factors of the past have reappeared within our community and law enforcement. Magnolia State Peace Officers Association is committed to training our members to properly and professionally serve our community in a manner which is beneficial to both the community's necessities and law enforcement safety. It is our duty to protect and serve the community and it is our obligation to our families to return home safe after every tour of duty.

Alex Montgomery III

Chairman of the Board